Atomic Wings Sports New Interior Design on 9th Avenue


Atomic Wings Hell’s Kitchen (9th Avenue in Manhattan) has revamped their store to create a more exciting and effective environment. Using the new Atomic Wings brand guidelines, owner Kenny Kim installed new wall décor, replaced the menu board, and added posters for Salads & Wraps and lunch specials.

Both customers and staff are enjoying the new décor, which was produced and delivered by DVC (Docusource Visual Communications), Atomic Wings official trade dress and merchandise supplier. The new wall décor panels make a big impact and reminds everyone about what makes Atomic Wings special: Authentic, Awesome, ATOMIC Wings.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.03.29 AM

All of the new trade dress can be ordered online at the DVC/Atomic Wings online store, or by calling Scott Goldsmith at DVC. Scott’s phone is 813-875-6068, or you can email him at