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Priyanka Chopra and an Atomic Wing-eating Contest on Jimmy Fallon!

Nothing inspires competition quite like a chicken wing-eating contest.

It’s a staggering challenge that requires more strength of will than Miss India and Miss World combined — and Priyanka Chopra would know. The Quantico star previously won both, and she continued her red-hot streak during her appearance on The Tonight Show Thursday.

Facing off against host Jimmy Fallon, Chopra demolished a plate of Atomic Wings as Fallon, weakling that he is, faltered under the heat of the chain’s signature “nuclear” sauce.

“I couldn’t even do one,” Fallon admitted following his defeat. “I got a big, a big chunky one. My first wing was a big wing — I couldn’t.”

Meanwhile, Chopra wasn’t having it. “Excuses, excuses,” she teased in between gasps for air.




Atomic Wings on Fox5 Wings Roundup!

With March Madness heating up, founder Adam Lippin joined the crew at Fox 5 New York to talk March Madness and Atomic Wings!

Watch Adam and the cast try some of the best wings that New York has to offer this season.


Subway Inn II

When the Subway Inn was forced out of its long-time home in December, after attempts to save the 77-year-old dive failed to sway the hearts of World-Wide Real Estate Group, the Salinas family vowed to reopen nearby.

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Atomic Wings opens in Spring Valley

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.09.55 PM
Sponsored by the San Diego Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce, Spring Valley celebrated the grand opening of Atomic Wings. A grueling wing eating contest, which had a sampling of all its flavors of wings from mild to suicidal, two winners earned the rights to a week of free wings, a T-shirt, and their photos on its Wall of Fame. The contest, so close boiled down to Seth Powell and George McDuff both declared as winners.

Fresh Direct Now Offering Atomic Wings


Online grocery store Fresh Direct is among the most successful new Internet retailers. Started in New York, the company now serves customers throughout the metropolitan area and has recently expanded to Pennsylvania.

Understanding what their customers like best, and consistently delivering the highest quality food products is at the core of the Fresh Direct business model. So when they decided to add wings to the prepared food offerings, it’s no surprise that they came to Atomic Wings.
The company’s website,, is among the top 20 online destinations for food and beverage, pulling in more than 1.7 million visitors each month. This traffic means enormous exposure for the brands featured on the site – And now, Atomic Wings is one of those brands.


Atomic Wings Sports New Interior Design on 9th Avenue

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.03.29 AM

Atomic Wings Hell’s Kitchen (9th Avenue in Manhattan) has revamped their store to create a more exciting and effective environment. Using the new Atomic Wings brand guidelines, owner Kenny Kim installed new wall décor, replaced the menu board, and added posters for Salads & Wraps and lunch specials.

Both customers and staff are enjoying the new décor, which was produced and delivered by DVC (Docusource Visual Communications), Atomic Wings official trade dress and merchandise supplier. The new wall décor panels make a big impact and reminds everyone about what makes Atomic Wings special: Authentic. Awesome. ATOMIC.